This half face mask is manufactured from medical, skin-safe flexible materials with certain softness – similar to silicone – ensuring to appropriately attach to the face, following its contour for a tight seal. Four adjustable straps provide a tight fit for different head sizes and shapes and ensure comfortable use for long time periods. The mask has no exhalation valves, to minimize infections.

The KC Mask is manufactured in two sizes (S and L) providing proper fitting for all users with different head and face shape. The mask is available in 4 different colors but may vary on batches, or when a different color is chosen by the customer. Color batches are skin-friendly type materials also.

The shape of the half mask is designed to not obstruct the view of the user, making additional glasses or eyewear to be worn possible. The KC Mask body part is reusable with the appropriate disinfecting procedure between the uses. Disinfecting instructions are given in IFU. The mask has replaceable filters provided by the manufacturer. Do not use with other filters.

This filtering half mask is manufactured for bacterial and viral (SARS-CoV2, COVID-19) protection only. As requested by World Health Organization recommendations, for this specific use, the nominal protection factor given by this filtering half mask is the same as the FFP2 nominal protection factor defined in EN 149:2001+A1:2009. This filtering half mask is not a filtering half mask for general use and shall not be used for purposes other than protection against COVID-19 or other viral and bacterial infections.

No exhalation valves! CE Certified. Replaceable filters – 24h use.

All prices include 27% VAT. One-time investment!

99,98% Bacterial and viral filtration efficiency! Medical type materials.


3 Layer Meltblown (With Antimicrobial Filter) Ultrasonic Wire Surgical Mask

Meltblown is a micro and nanofiber manufacturing method in which a polymer melt is extruded through small nozzles surrounded by high velocity blow gas. Meltblown fabrics are generally used in fields such as filters and medical masks.

The first and last layer is spunbond, and the middle layer is meltblown. Thanks to its microfiber structure, it has a more dense fiber structure. 0.5 – 5 Micron diameter microfibers show higher filtering ability than spunbond material

Filtering Feature of Fabric in Medical Masks

Depending on the yarn (fiber) density, the permeability or filtering ability of the fabrics emerge. It causes the appearance of a very tightly woven fabric structure. Increasing the yarn density provides a better filtering ability.


Type IIR face masks EN14683 are medical face masks that consist of a structure that prevents large particles from reaching the patient or work surfaces.

Type IIR Face masks contain a splash-proof layer to protect against blood and other body fluids.

Type IIR face masks are tested in the direction of exhalation (from inside to outside) and the effectiveness of bacterial filtration is taken into account.

Features of Type IIR face masks include: Pleated style with ear loops or ties

Protective layer structure

Splash-proof layer against body fluids.

We have Product Tracking System (Mask Ce Certification) Approval

Wired Full Ultrasonic Nonwoven Filtered Surgical Mask

Wired and 3 ply

True protection with nonvowen filter

comfortable breathing

Unscented and Latex free

Nonwoven Filtered (You can test water)

It weighs 70 grams and is the most ideal level in weight,

Breathe while protecting

Tires The most flexible tires of 1/30 are preferred. It does not hurt the ear.

Does not contain latex,

Does not cause allergies

Bodycare Washable Nano Technology Mask

It is washable and suitable for reuse.

Breathes easily with active foam nano filter technology.

It fits the face perfectly with its elastic texture.

It is strong, does not tear and does not deform.

Chemical free

It can be folded.

Bodycare Washable Cotton Mask

It has a flexible and robust structure. It provides full protection with its three-layer structure.

Washing Instructions:

You can wash your mask any time you want, there are no restrictions.

To make your mask sterile, put your mask in a container and pour 500ml of water at about 50-60 degrees on the mask,

Wait for 1 minute and pour 30 degrees water on it and make sure that water touches every part of the mask,

Squeeze the water and let it dry.